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Pastor Steven and First Lady Pamela Cone have been married for over 30 years. Over the span of Steven's 23-year military career their family lived in multiple locations; however, it was during an early assignment to Mildenhall, England in which the couple wholeheartedly committed their lives to God. They credit their faith and the knowledge received through their church organization for their spiritual growth and development. In their 25 years in ministry, they have established 3 churches. Dominion, CLGI, located in Dayton, Ohio, is their current and final ministry location. Their faith has been at the core of their family's foundation and success.  They sincerely love leading and witnessing the spiritual growth of the people God sends to them. Just as they work together leading their family and in ministry, the couple has teamed up together again to build their business, Curated Spaces, LLC.

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