​Organize your spiritual content to present your topics for weekly bible studies and sermons. 

This Annual Curated Spiritual Content journal allows space for your main points, background study, personal reflections and commitment. The journal includes weekly preparation and a finished outline along with outlines for sermons for special occasions and events. There is space for you to include your spiritual milestones, goals and accomplishments. 


The Curated Spiritual Growth Journal is an annual journal designed to assist you in your journey towards spiritual growth. The journal has space to add notes in an organized outline from the content you have received and space to include thoughts from your personal study. Both outlines will allow you to reflect on what you have received, how you will apply to your life and your commitment to the Word and understanding for your spiritual growth.  The curated journal is also an excellent tool to share with other. You can use the journal to gather together with friends or your bible study group to share content you have received or encourage one another from reflections from your personal study. 


Curated Success will help guide you in discovering how to achieve purposeful success. Simply put, your life should be in alignment! If your life aligns with your core values you will never feel the anxiety of not living your best life, on purpose. 


Words of inspiration and affirmation! Unapologetically Phenomenal's title is an homage to the legendary great poet Maya Angelou. The curated collection of prose poetry is the body of work by Pamela Cone rooted in her faith and lived experiences. This book is a wonderful edition to any collection and not to mention intriguing conversation starter!